Plot of Land (2019-2020)
Digital prints, Javascript interface projection, pair of white gloves

Exhibited at URA Singapore City Gallery, Singapore (2019) | DECK, Singapore (2020)

The tearing down of Rochor Centre created a lot of media attention and buzz amongst the public; many flocked there to take photos of these iconic blocks before it was torn down. The same phenomenon happened in Pearl Bank Apartments, Dakota Crescent, Sungei Road Market, and many other places. Images were posted on Instagram, documentaries were created and aired, exhibitions were curated, parliamentary speeches were made.  

Elsewhere, there were perhaps more mundane places being torn down, which do not receive the same fanfare. Why do some places disappear so quietly without any trace, without any protest. Plot of Land attempts to write the history of insignificant places. It does not reflect the history of a specific place, but the history of a place that possibly no longer exists.

Installation at URA Singapore City Gallery, 2019

Installation at DECK, 2020