2021 – 2025 (expected)
Doctor of Philosophy, History of Art
Collaborative Doctoral Partnership, Birkbeck (University of London) and The National Gallery, London, U.K
‘Networks of Empire, Family, and Art in London’s National Gallery, 1824-1874’
Supervised by Sarah Thomas (Birkbeck) and Susanna-Avery Quash (National Gallery)

Master of Arts, Situated Practice (Distinction)
Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, London, U.K

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Urban Studies (with a minor in Arts and Humanities)
Yale-NUS College, Singapore

Selected Awards, Honours, and Nominations

Collaborative Doctoral Partnership Award, Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), United Kingdom

Yale-NUS Chen Chong Swee Scholarship, Singapore
Tan Ean Kiam Postgraduate Scholarship, Tan Kah Kee Foundation, Singapore
Emerging Young Leader Award, Yale-NUS College, Singapore
Shortlist, 212 Photography Competition, Istanbul
Nominee, World Press Photo 6×6 Global Talent
Finalist, French + Singapore Photographic Arts Awards, Singapore

Finalist, Invisible Photographer Asia Awards (Photobook), Singapore

Global Leaders Scholarship, Yale-NUS College, Singapore

Research Grants and Commissions

London Art History Society Bursary, United Kingdom
Birkbeck Conference Research Fund, United Kingdom

NUS Centre For the Arts, National University of Singapore
Commemoration and memorialisation of WWII in Singapore and Malaysia

The Future of Our Pasts Festival, Singapore
First Storeys: Resettlement in Singapore

Research Experience

Centre for the Study of the Legacies of British Slavery, University College London
Research Assistant (PI: Professor Matthew Smith, UCL)

Urban Redevelopment Authority, Singapore
Research Intern

Yale-NUS College, Singapore
Independent research

Conferences, Workshops and Talks

‘Inheriting Empire and Wealth: Baring Brothers and the Baring family in the nineteenth century’. Forthcoming paper at Slavery and the City Conference (invited speaker). Lloyd’s, London. 10 November 2023.

‘Juno, Mary Katz, and the many unnamed: Embedding narratives of enslaved individuals in the history of London’s National Gallery (and other British art galleries)’. Forthcoming paper at Slavery, Institutions, and Empire: Moving Beyond Microhistory Conference. University of Oxford. 6 September 2023.

‘Juno, Mary Katz, and the many unnamed: Embedding narratives of colonised individuals in the history of art collections’. Forthcoming paper at Victoria and Albert Museum Provenance Research Seminar (invited speaker). V&A Museum, London. 18 July 2023.

‘Decolonising the Art Gallery?: Legacies of the British Empire in London’s National Gallery’. Invited speaker at How We Gather. National Gallery Singapore, Singapore. 13 July 2023.

‘Collecting and Displaying Empire: Burton’s Rehang in London’s National Gallery, 1876’. Forthcoming paper at Encounter, Race, and Representation: Painting Empire in the ‘Long’ Nineteenth Century Workshop. Society for Global Nineteenth-Century Studies, Singapore. 20 June 2023.

‘Inheriting Empire: Inter-generational and Inter-imperial wealth and collecting of the Baring family’. Forthcoming paper at Society for Global Nineteenth-Century Studies World Congress. Society for Global Nineteenth-Century Studies, Singapore. 20 June 2023.

‘Quantifying Empire: The National Gallery’s Foundational Figures and the British East and West Indies, 1824-1874’. Paper presented at History Lab Seminar Series. The Institute of Historical Research, online. 18 May 2023.

‘Collecting Empire: Scenes and Objects of Empire in and outside of the National Gallery’. Paper presented at Sources and Approaches in Museum History. Museums and Galleries History Group, London. 19 January 2023.

‘Networks of Empire, Family, and Art in London’s National Gallery, 1824-1874’. Sharing with National Gallery’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Employee Network. National Gallery, London. 8 November 2022.

‘Networks of Empire, Family, and Art in London’s National Gallery, 1824-1874’. Sharing with Sotheby’s Institute of Art. National Gallery, London. 28 October 2022.

‘Addressing the Ghosts in the Gallery’. Paper presented at The Ways of Archiving: Practices, Conditions and Discourses around the Study of Arts and Culture International Workshop. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. 12 September 2022.

‘Addressing the Ghosts in the Gallery’. Paper presented at Recovering Pasts, Producing Futures Conference. Birkbeck, University of London. 22 June 2022.

‘National Gallery and the Colonial Past’. Paper presented at Institutions and the Colonial Past Workshop. King’s College London. 20 May 2022.

‘Association for Art History Curatorial Committee Discuss the AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Partnerships Scheme’. Panelist at Association for Art History’s 48th Annual Conference. London. Online. 7 April 2022.

Tiger of Malaya & The Last Gap: Historical Narratives & Contested Memories’. Invited speaker at Artist-Intellectual Dialogue Series. National University of Singapore. Online. 6 May 2021.

Professional Affiliation

Doctoral and Early Career Research Committee Board Member, Association for Art History, United Kingdom.

Solo Exhibitions and Performances

The Last Gap, University Cultural Centre, commissioned by NUS Centre For the Arts, Singapore
First Storeys, 300 Jalan Bukit Ho Swee, commissioned by The Future of Our Pasts Festival, Singapore
This is Where, bus stop shelters islandwide, commissioned by M1 Singapore Fringe Festival, Singapore

Selected Group Exhibitions

FIFTEEN, Bartlett Graduate Exhibition, London, U.K (online)

Bloomsbury Festival, London, U.K (online)
Gallery Light Up, commissioned by National Gallery Singapore, National Gallery Singapore, Singapore
Our HeARTlands, commissioned by Plural Art Mag, Singapore (online)
Streets of Hope, commissioned by National Arts Council, Singapore
Urban Challenges, B-Part, Berlin, Germany
Undescribed #5, DECK, Singapore

The City We Love, Singapore City Gallery, Singapore
B-Sides, Coda Culture, Singapore
Accretion, Objectifs, Singapore
French + Singapore Photographic Arts Awards, la galerie, Singapore

Addis Foto Fest, Ethiopia
I.D. (The Body’s Still Warm), 42 Cambridge Road, Singapore
Landskrona Foto Festival Window Exhibition, Landskrona, Sweden
Kontenporanea,Carlos Blanco Aguinaga Cultural Center, Irun, Spain
EXP Series, Chan+Hori Contemporary, Singapore
The Body: International Exhibition and Documentary,CICA Museum, South Korea 

Unseen/Unknown, DECK, Singapore

Selected External Artistic Contributions

RELAY, by Fiction Feeling Frame (Royal College of Art), performer (performance-conversation), Venice Architecture Biennale, Teatro Piccolo Arsenale, Venice, Italy + Online

Dance Drawings (for Jock), by Emily Coates, performer (dance-movement), Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven, U.S.A

Authored Texts and Publications

Cham, Sean. Yesteryears. Singapore: Math Paper Press, 2017.

Interviews, Press, and Reviews

Lua, Nicholas. “Opening the Bicentennial: Historical Plurality in Sean Cham’s Art.” In Raffles Renounced: Towards a Merdeka History, edited by Alfian Sa’at, Sai Siew-Min and Faris Joraimi. Singapore: Ethos Books, 2021.
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